Crow Molly Album Available on CDBaby

The new Scott Nygaard and Crow Molly album is out and available, in both physical CDs and downloads, from CDBaby. Check it out.

The Tunes

Maurice McCusker (Scott Nygaard)
I stole a couple of short musical ideas from John McCusker and Maurice Ravel. Thus “Maurice McCusker.” Thanks to Tristan Clarridge for the harmony fiddle line.

Waltz from Munkedal (Trad, arr. Scott Nygaard)
Learned from the great Swedish trio Bask.

The Idlers of Belltown (Scott Nygaard)
Originally recorded in 1992 on Sally Van Meter’s album All In Good Time, reclaimed for the Crows, Lulu and Giuseppe.

An Easier Way to Fly (Scott Nygaard)
For Jimmy Thompson and Loraine Tedder. Can’t believe I was lucky enough to get the wondrous Aoife O’Donovan to sing it here.

Too Hungry (Scott Nygaard)
An example of the new Northern California polska tradition. Or something. Recorded on Inauguration Day 2009.

Great Grimpen Mire/Cumberland Gap (Lauren Rioux and Brittany Haas/Trad)
Lauren and Brittany’s addition to the new North American polska tradition, followed by an odd version of a traditional tune.

Man of Constant Sorrow (Trad, arr. Scott Nygaard)
A solo guitar tune inspired by the version recorded by Kentucky fiddler Ed Haley.

Metaren (The Lazy Fisherman) (Ale Moller)
A waltz from the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ale Moller that allows Lauren’s five-string to sing.

Waterbound (Dirk Powell)
I started singing this around the time of Katrina, dedicating it to its victims. Now it seems appropriate for the entire planet. With help from Aoife.

Haapavesi Nights (Scott Nygaard)
I once spent a week in Haapavesi, Finland, teaching guitar to Finnish bluegrass musicians during the day and lying awake in my dorm room from midnight to 6 am every night. On the last day, as I was leaving, I discovered that there was a sauna on the top floor of the building I was staying in. But I heard some great music, and, as they say, got a tune out of it.

Little Did He Know (Scott Nygaard)
The second part of this suite is a jig that can’t decide whether it’s in 6/8 or 9/8—the pattern is three bars of 6/8, one of 9/8. Seemed logical when I was writing it.

Wildwood Flower/Happy Holler (Traditional)
A couple of traditional tunes that are, well, just fun to play.

2 responses to “Crow Molly Album Available on CDBaby

  1. Hi Scott.
    Rob from Vancouver here. I just bought your CD in iTunes. Nice CD. I’m intrigued by the Cumberland Gap on the CD. Where is that from?

    • Hey Rob,
      Glad you liked the CD. We learned that version of “Cumberland Gap’ from Brittany Haas. I should probably know where she learned it, but I don’t.

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