I’m not currently performing or giving private lessons (I live in Chile), but for any general questions I might be able to answer, email me at:


(you all know, of course, to sub @ for (at) in the above email address.

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  1. Scott
    What was (a somewhat ethereal) song you wrote and recorded that featured Chris Webster on vocals? It was haunting and beautiful to me…
    Clint Bohlen

  2. Hi Scott

    Are you coming to Wintergrass this year?

  3. Hi Scott
    Recently bought Bluegrass Guitar Essentials and have found it a real fun and easy to follow way of introducing myself to Bluegrass playing. Love the fiddle tunes Paddy On the Turnpike and Cuckoo’s Nest.

    Appreciating your work as a guitar teacher myself from the UK – Thanks Scott!

  4. Hi Scott, I saw you play many years ago with Sally Van Meter ( and talented friends!) in a place called Melling, near Liverpool, UK.
    The venue was an old tithebarn.
    Remember that gig?
    You shared the bill with a Russian trio that featured a terrific balalaika player.
    Anyway, it’s great to see that you’re still producing great music all these years later.
    Cheers, Frank ( from a windy and wet northern England.)

  5. Glad you like it. The fiddlers on “No Hurry’ are Laurie Lewis and Paul Elliott. Paul tends to play on the “jazzy” tunes, and Laurie on the more bluegrassy fiddle tunes.

  6. “No Hurry” just came into rotation on my iTunes guitar playlist … lovely album. Since I no longer have the CD jacket, I don’t know who the wonderful fiddler (s) is/are and can’t find the band info on your your website. Stuart Duncan?

  7. Thanks for the quick response. I’m listening to your recording of it right now from that album – absolutely gorgeous. The vocal harmonies are outstanding and the guitar work is so tasteful.
    Thanks again.

  8. Hi Fred,
    That’s an old Ola Belle Reed song called “Gonna Write Me a Letter.” I recorded it on my album with the Webster sisters. Great song. Glad you liked it.

  9. Hi Scott,
    You’re playing a really nice tune at the beginning of the Acoustic Guitar video review of the new Martin DRS1. It’s really a lovely tune, and I’ve worked most of it out now, but what the heck is the name of it?
    Lovely playing, BTW!

  10. scottdnygaard

    Hey Howard,
    Glad to hear I’m so recognizable. I’m not sure whether that’s a curse or a blessing, but . . .

  11. Howdy, Scott.

    I hope this finds you well. Just wanted to say that I’m sitting here hard at work, listening to Pandora Internet radio. All of a sudden comes a Laurie Lewis tune called “Hell Among the Yearlings.” The guitarist takes a solo that pleases me a great deal and sounds familiar, tone-wise. Really familiar.

    I say to myself, “I wonder if that was Scott Nygaard.” I look up the personnel on the record, and there’s your name. Fresh, innovative and recognizable. How ’bout dat?

    all the best,

  12. Hi Scott, Have been one who really enjoys your style and phrasing on the guitar. One of my favorite song you did with the Webster Sisters was “Balm of Gilead”. Is your version of it available in sheet or tab?
    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks Tim. The recording of “Balm of Gilead” has two guitar parts, and is pretty much unreproduceable on one. At any rate, the answer is no, I don’t have tab.

  13. whoops!

  14. you probably are aware already, but just in case:there’s an interesting photo of you in your youth from the 1983 vinyl lp cover with then collaborator linda waterfall on her…. regards

  15. Dear Mr Nygaard,
    I’m a rather long in the tooth classical guitarist who has taken to learning to flat-pick in m dotage.I have your book Bluegrass Guitar Essentials which I’ve enjoyed working through.I suppose it’s my classical background but it would suit my purposes if there was an entire book of say a dozen solos available to work through – a gap in the market!Is there any chance that you might have such a project in mind?
    Best wishes,
    Rod Willmott.

    • scottdnygaard

      Hey Rod,
      No, I don’t have a book of solos. There was a transcription book of my CD Dreamer’s Waltz, but it’s out of print. You might be able to find it on Ebay or something. A book I just got that is really great is the new book, The Essential Clarence White, by Roland White. It includes a dozen transcribed solos by Clarence on traditional tunes.

  16. Thanks a lot.

    just need to find my capo now

  17. Hi Scott

    Was just watching the video of Derwent Vale on youtube – beautiful music.

    I’m trying to work out a similar guitar part, and I can’t help wondering what tuning you’re in. It sounds a bit like a drop or open D, but the song’s in E?


    • scottdnygaard

      Hey Rhys,
      I’m using a partial capo on Derwent Vale–the capo just covering strings 1-5. So the capo is on the 2nd fret and I’m in E, but I play out of D, with the lowest (uncapoed) note being E. It’s like dropped-D capoed up, but you don’t have to retune and you can fret everything normally.

  18. Hey Jeremy,
    Unfortunately, I don’t have tab for that version of “Evening Shade.” Sorry.

  19. Hi Scott,

    Can you tell me where I can find tab to the Evening Shade version you play at the end of your instructional DVD Flat Pcking Buegrass and Fiddle Tunes.



  20. Hi Scott,

    Can you tell me where i can find tab to the Evening Shade version you play a the end of your insructional DVD Flat Pcking Buegrass and Fiddle Tunes.



  21. Sott, can you tell me where I can find tab for the Home Sweet Home acoustic version you perform at the end of you DVD called Bluegrass Lead Guitar fiddle tunes & blues.
    Your nimble guiar playing has greatly inspired me. Thank You
    Also looking for tab to Farewell Dearest Nancy.

  22. Found a copy on Amazon. Thanks.

  23. Hi Scott,

    I’ve enjoyed your playing for many years. I’ve been wondering if sheet music was ever printed for the “Dreamer’s Waltz” CD and if so, can it still be found for sale somewhere? I’ve figured out a few things by ear but would love to see some notation.


  24. Hi Jacob,
    The audio for that tune–which was written specifically for that lesson–can be heard online at Acoustic Guitar’s site
    Glad you liked it.
    My own albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.

  25. Hello Scott Nygaard, i was playing some songs that were tabbed in this months issue of acoustic guitar, and i noticed your song “slashville waltz” was in there, but i can’t find it anywhere on the internet, or find any information about a cd i could find it on, so how do i get it? if it is on a cd than please let me know the name so i can order it in from my local cd shop, or are you availble on itunes, i heard your songs on myspace there are exceptionally nice, looking forward to learning your songs.

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