Reischman, Nygaard, and Gilchrist Tour and Recording

I’m excited to be doing some gigs with the fabulous John Reischman and Sharon Gilchrist in October. We’ll be recording in the Pacific Northwest in early November and doing some warm-up gigs on the way North. Here’s the itinerary:

Tuesday Oct 28, House Concert, Berkeley, CA. Email for reservations and information.

Wednesday Oct 28, The Headwaters Room of Geos Institute, 84 Fourth Street, Ashland, Oregon, 7 pm. Call 541-552-1665 for tickets.

Thursday Oct 29, Summit Community Center, Blodgett (near Corvallis), Oregon

Friday Oct 30, House Concert, Portland Oregon

Saturday Oct 31, Empty Sea Studios, Seattle, Washington

Sunday Nov 1, YWCA Grand Ballroom, Bellingham, Washington


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