Peaceful Bend Americana Fest

I’m going to be shooting a live performance DVD with Jack Lawrence and Robert Bowlin at this cool festival


2 responses to “Peaceful Bend Americana Fest

  1. Scott is a great player & a wonderful teacher
    I’m looking forward to making the journey from the Canadian Rockies to the Peaceful Bend!

  2. This just to remind folks that there is so much more to this little fest than just the evening shows. Theres music most all day long w/ folks jamming, workshops, food and a spot of wine here and there. This is a very up close and personal event it has the feel of a privite gathering. Camping at the vineyard is allowed there will be three square meals a day provided by myself Ill be cooking up good eats and asking for a donation in return if you can. The Ozarks will be in bloom Great atmosphere guaranteed!

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